DIY Unicorn Headband

I was SO excited when I realized I would be big pregnant for Halloween. But I didn’t even end up doing anything exciting, although it is stinkin’ cute.

I could have went more all out and done a rainbow tutu or rainbow leggings but I was only doing it for the picture and decided not to waste money on that.

My mama taught me to save money not waste money!

I was going to also do “unicorn blood” coming from the little baby horn but didn’t feel like doing that either.

Spending $50 on a Halloween Costume just seems ridiculous to me so here is this simple DIY Unicorn headband that you could do for about $10-$20! (Depending on supplies you use)

DIY Unicorn Horn


Felt- 2 White and 1 Pink (or Whatever color you want the ears) I used glitter foam paper for mine. If you are doing the baby horn then you will need 2-3 pieces of white felt.

Headband– I bought this 2 pack from Michaels and used the silver one. I’m sure there are cheaper ones.

Flowers– Obviously you can use whatever colors you want I chose these 3 because I couldn’t make up my mind and Michaels was having a sale for 70% off!

StuffingThis was the smallest bag I found at Michaels. I bet you could use this again in the future though.

Ribbon- Or any cord, yarn or ribbon type you want to use to wrap around the horn. I used gift wrap ribbon.


Hot glue Gun and Glue


DIY Unicorn Headband
(I didn’t end up using the glitter, it was to messy)

Step 1: Cut out a squared off top triangle for the horn. Make this wide or you will have a skinny horn. Then start from the top and apply glue to the edge of one side of the felt. Don’t go all the way down just start with about two inches of glue and fold over to tack it closed to make a cone.

DIY Unicorn Headband
I can’t cut straight

DIY unicorn Headband

DIY Unicorn Headband

Step 2: Then continue applying glue and folding over as you go.

DIY Unicorn Horn
DIY Unicorn Horn

Step 3: Get some stuffing, you really only need a tiny bit and start filling the cone. Make sure you get the stuffing all the way to the tip, I used a pen to push it all the way down. *Do not over fill, you want this squishy so it is easier to make the “indents” with the ribbon.

Step 4: Cut out a circle from the same white felt big enough to cover the bottom of the horn. I never used exact measurements, I just cut out a circle, you could even do a square because after gluing you are going to trim the edges. – Glue the circle to the bottom of the horn and clean up the edges with scissors.

Make sure to trim the edges

Step 5: Get some ribbon but do not cut the ribbon from the spool yet! Wrap it around the horn first. Place a dot of glue at the top (start on the seam), Place the ribbon and let it cool before you start to wrap because you are going to need to pull pretty hard to make the indents. –Wrap around tightly and place a dot of glue on the bottom seam and place the ribbon on top to glue. Once cool, cut the ribbon from the spool.

Step 6: Cut out ANOTHER circle from the same white felt making sure it will fit the bottom of the horn and this is what you are going to use to attach to the headband. For some reason I had a hard time making sure I was in the center of the headband. It might be easier to place a dab of glue to the top of the headband, place the horn on top to secure it then hot glue the felt circle to the whole bottom of the horn and headband.

Step 7: Next are the Ears. So I am not the most artsy person, as you can tell I can’t even cut a straight triangle and the same goes for making ears. Even though they were wonky you couldn’t even tell when it was done. I drew out what really is a flower petal that I used to doodle because it resembles an ear but BEFORE you cut this out, fold the felt in half so you can have two sides and don’t cut the bottom. I forgot to take a picture with it folded but you can see it after it is unfolded. Then apply glue to the one side of the ear and fold it over while placed on the headband. Place more glue in between the headband and the felt to secure better.

Flower Petal lol

Step 8: Cut out the inner part of the ear with either the pink felt or i used the silver glitter foam paper. I just cut out little triangles and they fit okay but I’m not a perfectionist so it didn’t bother me. I feel like once the flowers are on you don’t even notice.

Step 9: Pull off the flowers you want to use from the stem- I was only going to use these 2 colors but decide to add the green/blue ones and I am happy I did! Then hot glue them to the bottom the the felt under the horn and ears.

Step 10: Let cool and dry and you’re done! Easy peasy.  Took me about an hour but if I did it again it would probably be quicker!



I made a tiny one to glue to my shirt for my baby horn 🙂

Now you just need to take super cute pictures with your unicorn headband.

DIY Unicorn Headband
Pregnant Unicorn Costume

DIY Unicorn Headband

DIY Unicorn Headband

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