Maternity Photos You Can Do Yourself

I definitely wanted to keep progress of my belly’s growth while I was pregnant, but doing it every week just seemed like to much.

The pictures needed to look nice and not just me standing and smiling awkwardly against a wall.

I wanted to go for a more silhouette look but after seeing the last picture I definitely like the lighter picture 1,000 times better.



Maternity PhotoThese pictures were super easy to do.

I made sure I wore the same clothes every time- make sure its something that can grow with you! (My boobs almost didn’t make it to this one)

I stood in front of a window, I just opened the blinds to make it brighter but the sun wasn’t shining through it or anything. Make sure you have a sheer curtain.

Make Hubby or who ever take the picture for you!

That’s all, super easy.

The main part is the editing which takes us to the real reason you’re here.

The photo editing App I use for all my pictures is called Snapseed. Photo Editor

and is available in the App Store and Google Play for Android Users.

It has AMAZING features and I just really got into just this week, as you can tell that last picture looks way better than the rest.

I honestly was only using Snapseed for basic photo editing on all the previous week pictures.

You have to play around with the app and find what you like because there are a TON of options on there, but it is very user friendly.

The App has presets IN the presets and you can edit particular aspects in a preset if you want. (IF that makes ANY sense at all)

IF you have any other photo editing apps you absolutely love using, leave a comment and let me know!

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