Baby Home Prep- From a First Time Mommy

Being a first time mom requires doing a ton of research!

With only being a month away you need to be prepared for baby to come at any time! Every body is different and every pregnancy is different. So being early and prepared is best.

Of course you can never feel fully prepared for a baby, but these are the things I have done. 

Organization is probably the first thing I did. After the baby shower (Hopefully you have had yours or are having it soon) I had baby crap everywhere and everything was in packages and had tags.

Definitely not baby approved.

So take everything out of packages and get tags off clothes, wash clothes and blankets in Dreft which you can buy from Amazon.  This smells so amazing, just like a little baby and I would seriously wash everything in my house with this stuff! Dreft is a hypoallergenic formula is that is gentle on fabric and makes the baby clothes soft.

Wash all baby bottles, I didn’t even know baby dish soap was a thing, but I got it at my baby shower. Its called Dapple, it has award-winning green technology that targets milk residue and uses baking soda to combat odor and is made with plant-based ingredients—Made without phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, and dyes. 

You can buy it on Amazon

Trying to figure out where all this new stuff was going to go was pretty tough I’m not going to lie. I just put stuff together in drawers and hopefully I develop some sort of system later on.

Babies have a ton of tiny stuff so I ended up going to Dollar Tree and getting a few baskets they have. They are great for a $1 and they have different styles. They were perfect for his tiny socks and I made a pacifier basket. It’s nice because they fit perfectly in the drawers.

I have other drawers for blankets and clothes in the closet are washed and organized by size and I have an organizer for receiving blankets and other blankets and diapers are also organized by size.

I also organized his bathroom and I had another $1 basket for all his medicine. 

One last thing for organization, I used a $1 Store bin for my Diaper Caddy! I think a diaper caddy is important to have because it is functional and you will have easy access to all diapering essentials because you are NOT going to be changing that babies diaper in the same spot every single time.

Hospital bag

There are many info graphic pins that help you with what you need to pack for your hospital bag, I saved a few and just picked what I thought I would need in my bag.

There are a few things that I use everyday that will need to go in the bag so just in case I go into labor and I am not home to get the rest together I took a picture for Carson to get and I will just send to him if I need to.

My daily make up I constantly keep in the brown bag for now so it’s easy for Carson and my foundation and lotions I need. I also have a list downloaded to send for toiletries like toothbrushes and deodorant so there is no thinking required. I feel like we will most likely be pretty frantic and will forget something.  

It is all packed and ready to go!

Diaper Bag

Same thing with the info graphics, there are a TON on Pinterest. I saved a few and just put what I thought I needed.


Okay enough with organization, I could go on forever. The next thing is to check your insurance and make sure baby is covered! Most insurances will cover the baby after delivery for at least 30 days but of course mine does not. My husband’s insurance will cover him starting in January though.


Have a pediatrician picked out or have several in mind. You will need to schedule an appt with them after your baby is born.

Birth Plan

I don’t really have a birth plan but some people will want one. Just make sure you have your decision made about shots, circumcision, if you want special things in the room such as an exercise ball, music, special requests. I also want him cleaned before they give him to me. Here is a template I found on I think there are 21 samples you can choose from. Keep this in your bag so you have it at the hospital or see if your doctor can keep it on file for you so they can send to the hospital.


House Clean/Baby Proofing

You can either clean yourself or hire to get it done. I’m not big on this so I am just doing basic cleaning. I have two dogs that shed like crazy so it is kind of pointless to do any deep cleaning right now.

I think I would be more interested on cleaning if we weren’t moving in a few months. By the time we move the baby won’t be mobile yet so there is no point in baby proofing anything.

Once we move to the new house we definitely will get it done right away.


Feeding schedule/Breast pump

Familiarize yourself with your breast pump. Make sure you know how to use it.

If you were unaware your insurance will cover your breast pump I think up to $300. I was lucky and my mother-in-law bought me mine so I don’t have to worry about it but make sure you call your insurance. They only cover if it is new or I think in some cases if you rent them.

Also Carson and I have a schedule made for feeding and will try our best to stick to it. This will help us at night on deciding who is getting up at what time. I know babies are on their own schedule but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan!


If you have any toys make sure they are all working and ready to go, the crib is ready and the car seat is in the car.

If you have any sort of wrap like this one I got from Target

make sure you practice and familiarize yourself with it and know how to wrap it good! There are always videos on Youtube or try Pinterest.


Like I said I am a first time mom so anything I missed or should have ready let me know in the comments!


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