Monat- Is it worth it? Before and After

First of all, What is Monat?

It is a line of hair care such as shampoos, conditioners, masks and other hair products that is sold through a distributor.

It caught my eye because a girl I follow on social media showed before and afters and it was AMAZING after just one wash.

I always struggled with my hair because it was so fine and I bleached ALL MY HAIR 3 times in 2 days!!

That was about 3 years ago and my hair is still pretty damaged at the ends.

I’m surprised it didn’t all just fall out.

Here is my before and after one wash and you can REALLY tell! Not just by the picture but the feel is incredibly soft.

I wanted the results to be as accurate as possible so

The left picture is freshly washed with my regular shampoo and conditioner.

The right side is with Monat shampoo, conditioner and mask.


You can really see it in the ends of my hair and these are both blow dried.

If this happened with one wash could you imagine with regular use?!

It is also perfect for people with colored or bleached hair

I just got the sample but I will for sure buy it.

It is a little pricey but I am a big believer in investing in yourself.

In reality though, based on how long it lasts and how little you use it breaks down to cheaper than regular store bought shampoo! 

My distributor’s link–

If you would like samples, you can contact her through the link.

If you have used it before or have questions, let me know and comment below!

Tonee Elledge



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