Easy and Basic Party Decorations

For my baby shower I wanted something pretty basic. I am very much a minimalist.

My mom offered to do the decorations but knowing how particular I am, it was best for me to just take over. (Not that I gave her the option)

You can use these decorations for any party and use any colors! I would have taken better pictures for the blog but I was very pressed for time and completely forgot.

Thank goodness for my mom’s best friend and my mother-in-law for getting some pre-pictures!

I really hate “baby” themed stuff, I think it’s very tacky so I went with mostly white and some blue and gray.

The majority of my decorations was used with tissue paper which I ordered 100 sheets each in White , Aqua and Gray off Amazon.

To make the tassles I just used these directions I found from Pizzazzerie.com. Her website is amazing for partys and entertaining!

Here’s her link on How to Make a Tassle Garland. 

They were super easy but I was definitely sick of it after doing 100 of them, even with the help of my sisters and mom.

The wind was blowing pretty hard as well so they kept moving along the string but it ended up being okay.

I also really like the super large 36″ White balloons

I only used 2 even though I bought a pack of 6 because the area I was decorating was smaller than I was imagining.

You can buy those here.

Apparently fake flowers are expensive!

All I wanted were some baby’s breath to fill the mason jars, which my mom had already bought  for my little sister to use but she never did.

This pack of Mason Jars is the exact same one she bought.  Ball Pint Regular Mouth Jars

But the Baby’s Breath and all other freaking flowers are EXPENSIVE. Or just more than I wanted to pay for.

So I did some research and settled on these cute little White Pompom Mum Stems, which were $1.50 each at the time at Hobby Lobby. I bought 10 of them. To shorten the stems, I cut the plastic part with scissors and bent the wire back and forth until it snapped- very easy.  

I know you can’t really see them but I had some jute string that I used to tie little bows around the neck of the Mason Jar.

I absolutely love Burlap and I really wanted Burlap runners. I ordered this 2 pack on Amazon and I was very pleased with them and the length was perfect!

I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow the super fancy nice table cloths from the Country Club I used to work at. Its a nice finishing touch to have nice table cloths. I would definitely recommend getting some for any party.

I did buy  “BABY” Letter Balloons but they made me SO MAD. The description said they were made out of a durable material and would not have tears or holes but GUESS WHAT. One B and the Y could not stay aired up. I was so annoyed but tape helped the Y but the second B just wasn’t having it.

Wal-Mart had a WAY cheaper option than the one I bought on Amazon and I doubt they would be as bad as these ones. I would post the link but I saw it in store and I cannot find it on their site.

The Tissue Pom-poms were SO cute! Like I said I was pressed for time and didn’t fluff them out as well as I should since I obviously pre-made them and they got a little squished along the way.

I had to tape them down at the bottom since it was so dang windy but I don’t think anyone noticed.

These were also easy to make I followed the tutorial from Midsouthbride.com. 

Here is her tutorial for DIY Tissue Paper Flowers.

There were a couple more decorations that I wanted to do but just did not have the time!

I really wanted to do this Paper Chandelier. It would be really easy to do and looks adorable. You can find the post for this on projectnursery.com

I also got my shower inspiration from this image on Pinterest. It is actually from diynetwork.com

I really wanted to do the tassles on the balloon but didn’t have time and I was THIS CLOSE to ordering the garland for the table but I felt like it was an unnecessary cost. It’s so cute though.

Moral of the story is GIVE YOURSELF TIME to complete all the decorations and make sure you plan to decorate EARLY so you have time to finish. I know this is obvious but I guess it was not for me and it made for a very stressful time.

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